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Case Study-Shivam Hospital

Shivam Hospital, a renowned health-care centre in SIrsa, Haryana


Shivam Hospital of Sirsa, Haryana collaborated with DG Rocket – an experienced digital marketing agency – in order to expand their online presence, engage with their local community, generate leads, and grow as healthcare provider. With an aim of expanding reach and becoming reliable provider, this case study examines their partnership. Focusing on objectives set, strategies used, growth achieved throughout their partnership; by capitalizing on DG Rocket’s expertise for digital marketing Shivam aimed to increase its online visibility, strengthen engagement within its local area as well as drive results through online presence enhancement, engagement with community involvement as part of expansion plans with their local healthcare provisioning.


Enhance Shivam Hospital's visibility and reputation through social media channels.

Improve the functionality and design of the hospital's website to attract and engage visitors.

Drive quality leads and increase patient inquiries through strategic digital marketing efforts.

Awareness among people about the company.

Awareness among people about the company.


Brand Reputation and Patient Trust

Website Performance and Lead Generation

Social Media Engagement

Thought Leadership and Trust Building

Business is consistently growing with high- quality leads.

Key Results

Overall growth of 230%

250% Rise in Patient Inquiries

200% Increase in Social Media Engagement