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Case study-Sandeep Khurana, Study Visa Mentor

Sandeep Khurana, a Study Visa mentor based in Sirsa, Haryana


Sandeep Khurana of Sirsa, Haryana recognized early on the importance of having an online presence to reach and engage prospective students seeking advice regarding study visa applications. Sandeep Khurana turned to DG Rocket, an accomplished digital marketing firm known for driving growth and optimizing online visibility, to achieve his objective. This case study details DG Rocket and Sandeep Khurana’s successful collaboration, detailing objectives set, strategies implemented, and significant growth achieved throughout their partnership. By harnessing DG Rocket’s digital marketing skills to boost his online visibility and engage prospective students more effectively while producing leads for his study visa applications he desired to enhance online visibility as he generated valuable leads needed to support those wanting a study visa application process.


Enhance Sandeep Khurana's online presence across social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Develop and optimize Sandeep Khurana's website to attract and engage potential students.

Drive quality leads and increase student inquiries through effective digital marketing strategies.

Awareness among people about the company.

Awareness among people about the company.


Brand Reputation and Student's Trust

Website Performance and Lead Generation

Social Media Engagement

Rate of communication increased. with regular Campaigns

Business is consistently growing with high- quality leads.

Key Results

150% Increase in Social Media Following

300% Increase in Website Traffic

Prfitability and growth improved dramatically in line with goals and projections.