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Case Study-Satguru Tiffin Service

Satguru Tiffin Service, a Leading Indian Tiffin Service Provider in Canada


Satguru Tiffin Service, an established Indian tiffin delivery provider operating in Canada, recognized the need to expand their digital presence, effectively engage their target audience, and generate high-quality leads that would further business expansion. Satguru Tiffin Service collaborated with DG Rocket, an established digital marketing firm known for maximizing online visibility and crafting impactful marketing strategies, in order to meet its objectives. This case study highlights DG Rocket and Satguru Tiffin Service’s successful partnership, outlining their objectives set out by DG Rocket as well as strategies implemented and their incredible growth during this partnership. Satguru Tiffin Service sought to utilize DG Rocket’s expertise and innovative digital marketing approaches in order to strengthen their brand, establish an impactful online presence, engage potential customers and generate leads which would contribute towards overall business expansion and success.


Enhance Satguru Tiffin Service's online visibility and brand recognition through strategic social media marketing.

Implement effective lead generation strategies to drive inquiries and conversions.

Optimize the company's website to improve user experience and increase online conversions.

Awareness among people about the company.

Awareness among people about the company.


Brand Recognition and Reputation

Targeted Lead Generation per month

Boosted Website Performance

Rise in Enrollments through Social Media

Business is consistently growing with high- quality leads.

Key Results

Social Media Following Grew by 250%

300% increase in organic traffic on Website

Created an attractive loyal customer base